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fevrier 2014

En panne de téléphone pendant plusieurs jours j ai demandé a vos services de bien vouloir faire application de l’article 5 de vos conditions générales et de procéder au remboursement de 2 mois d’abonnement. Par retour de courrier j ai reçu l’accord pour le remboursement de ces 2 mois. A ce jour seul le moi de février a fait l objet d’un dégrèvement Apres plusieurs appels ma situation n’est toujours pas régularisée et je considère la facture d Avril comme réglée.

janvier 2011

The Substance of Abstraction is full of visual verve and energy, giving the viewer the impression that the walls of the gallery have come to life and are engaging with their audience. Lively and skilfully created, these works both show and validate the care and technique which has been invested in their creation. Exploring every facet of our awareness, the artists bravely strike out for ground that is too often avoided, resulting in compelling artworks. In Elemental Realms gallery visitors are given the chance to lose themselves in new, fascinating and enthralling worlds. While always maintaining a connection with the facts of human experience which ground our lives, the artists of this exhibit let their imaginations have free rein as they construct something wholly novel around the revelations granted by artistic vision. Using the communicative power of art, they invite their viewers to join them.